Sinister ‘ghost monk’ who evaded cameras for a DECADE finally caught on film

Paranormal investigators believe they have finally caught a sinister ” ghost monk” on camera.

Ghost hunters have been attempting to catch the “phantom” at Ye Olde Kings Head in Chester for more than 10 years.

Built in 1622, Ye Olde Kings Head, in Chester, was a brothel before being converted into an inn in 1714.

It has gained a reputation as one of the most “haunted” buildings in England, with shows like Most Haunted and Sky’s Paranormal: Captured and Ghost Adventures investigating there.

Dozens of Trip Advisor guests have also attested to seeing light orbs during their stay.

It was purchased in 2012 by Harry Achilleos, a paranormal enthusiast, and was later converted into a full-time ghost hunting hotspot.

It was renamed My Haunted Hotel, with cameras rolling around the clock and a team of paranormal investigators on site to monitor any activity.

The cameras recently captured a chair moving in the brothel area and dolls shifting in the nursery.

The hotel’s owner previously said investigations have “awakened something”.

Cameras have now finally caught a shadowy figure known as “the monk”, who evaded investigators for more than a decade – and in broad daylight too.

Footage captured at 2:16pm in the main corridor shows the shadowy figure turning before passing towards the window and disappearing into thin air, appearing to walk the halls.

“The top floor corridor has always been an active area, guests have heard many things there over the years and there has been the apparition of a child caught on camera many years back – now having the cameras installed allows us to capture more evidence on a regular basis,” Harry told

“We have guests most nights of the week investigating but I knew immediately that this footage couldn’t be explained as the upstairs is closed until guests check in at 8:30pm. There was nobody in the night before.”

It was then up to paranormal investigators Danny Moss and Brett Jones to decipher just what, or who, had been taunting them from afar.

Speaking about the phenomenon, Danny said: “The corridor is usually very active, over the last eight months we’ve captured the sound of footsteps on multiple occasions when nobody is there and also knocking on some of the bedroom doors.

“The fact we have multiple cameras up there allows us to prove that these events cannot be explained [means] it’s paranormal.

“Over the last 10 years it has been seen in various parts of the building from the downstairs bar, the cellar and now the top floor corridor.

“We have no idea what this is, some believe it’s a monk, others believe it to be something more sinister but it is the most famous ghost at My Haunted Hotel.”

Brett added: “All three of us were extremely excited, whenever Danny and I get a call from Harry in the middle of the afternoon we know it could potentially be an exciting capture and, for me, this is clear evidence.”