Horror as lion snatches boy, 3, from family – search team finds tot’s head and legs

A ravenous lion snatched a tot from his family sparking a huge manhunt before cops discovered his remains.

Nitin Rakeshbhai Mehda was just three years old when the big cat prowled through his family farm and tore into him in Ghanshyam Nagar in Savarkundla, India.

Emergency services were called to the scene and a major manhunt was launched to track the little lad down.

But an investigation launched by the local forest department failed to recover Nitin in one piece.

While they found some body parts, his torso and arms were nowhere to be seen – suggesting little Nitin had been devoured by lion.

Forestry workers are out in force laying traps to put an end to the monster’s reign of terror on the small community in India.

However, by Friday, the traps hadn’t caught the lion and it remains at large.

In Missouri, US, an Amazon delivery driver was found dead after he was attacked by animals on Monday night, according to officials, the Daily Star reports.

Police deputies had found two boisterous dogs near the victim’s body with officers forced to shoot one of the dogs, which made its way into the house, entering through a dog door.

Earlier this month, police killed a tiger after it savaged at least nine people in India.

The beast was dubbed the “man-eater of Champaran” and sparked a massive hunt of about 200 police officers and district officials.

Some of the cops were patrolling the area in the Bihar state on elephants.

Communities around the Valmiki Tiger Reserve were being terrorised by the predator.

India is home to more than 70 per cent of the world’s tigers and reserves have not expanded at the same rate as its tiger population.

This has forced some of the tigers to go to human-occupied areas for food, which has resulted in livestock and sometimes people being killed.

The tiger, known as T-104, was three years old and had been cornered in a sugarcane field.

Kumar Gupta, chief wildlife warden for the region, told the Times of India the tiger was “dangerous to human lives”.

Valmiki Tiger Reserve’s director, Nesamani K, said the hunt to find T-104 had started Saturday.

It came after a mum and her child were killed in a tiger attack.

Shortly after news emerged that a mother and her child had been killed in a tiger attack.